Grooming Your Best Friend For Over 20 Years

We’ll treat like a member of our family, and we’ll provide them experience of love and care.

Looking for Pet Services?

The Pet Barber is located in Sutton, Ma. We offer professional pet grooming for dogs and cats of all sizes and breed. Our mission is to provide your pet with a comfortable, calm, loving atmosphere, while they receive a high quality groom by a patient and caring staff member. We have marvelous professional groomers who bathe and trim your dog with care. Our dog groomers are skilled at creating gorgeous, intricate styles as well as more carefree looks. Our dog grooming consists of slow, gentle dematting and personalized attention.

Grooming in Sutton MA
Skunk Baths
Teeth Brushed
Cups of Coffee

Just Some of the Many Services We Offer

  • Assistance in pre-scheduling to meet with your pets needs

  • Nail Trim and Filing (Walk in Service)

  • Nail Polish

  • Cat Grooming all Breeds

  • Hand Stripping

  • Groom within breed standards

  • Teeth Brushing

  • Flea Baths

  • Skunk Baths

  • Medicated Baths

  • Highest quality shampoo

  • Ear plucking/cleaning

  • Mat removal



Why Choose Us?

If pets could talk they would have some amazing things to say about us! But you will have to settle for their owners.

“All in all i want to say it is a pet lovers paradise and definitely worth trying.”

The pet barber is located in a very nice location in heritage plaza in Sutton.  My neighbor got several cats and dogs and she love this place and is using it for a few months now.  All of us know that the pets need grooming.  Well this is the place for all your cats and dogs and they offer grooming’s, hand stripping,nail trimmings,teeth cleaning,medicated baths and also offers retail stuff to buy.The nail trimming does not require appointments and you can have it done as a walk in service but you do need to make appointments in advance for dogs and cats grooming to make sure about your services.  All in all i want to say it is a pet lovers paradise and definitely worth trying.
– Ayesha K.

Good job, and they clean teeth. Bringing Juniper back this morning. The wife is happy with todays bath, cut, and teeth cleaning.
Bob J.
First trip to the groomer for our 12-week-old miniature schnauzer. Wonderful care/handling and a beautiful haircut! Thanks Rebecca – we’ll be coming back to you each time Abby is shabby, lol.
Kathleen E.
Great day. (My dog) Puffs out chest!
Rocky T.